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Which of these Christmas facts you still didn’t know?

One of the most colorful and bright festivals of the world is this Christmas that celebrates the holy birth of Jesus Christ on 25th December. As the date is really close to the dusk of the year, people get a prolonged holiday and that’s why family outings and vacations are planned way before the weekend starts. The spirit of Christmas is to spread more love among people and also to brighten people’s lives just the way Jesus did. Maybe that is one of the reasons behind sending Christmas gifts to all near and dear people. The whole market is filled with various Christmas gift ideas but before you get swayed in the festival mood, learn some of the facts about Christmas.

Ecstatic woman opening Christmas presents.

You must be knowing the Rudolph, the red nose reindeer?

Some scientists from Norway concluded that this redness of his nose is a result of some parasitic infection in