7 Surprising Facts About Women According to Research

The woman is a creature of the most difficult to understand. And perhaps because of that some researchers have tried to find the woman’s personality. From the results of the study, a number of interesting facts about the woman eventually found. To get a loan tips, you can see it in http://www.bestratedbadcreditloans.com/about-bad-credit-loans/installment-loans/.

Curious as to what the facts were successfully expressed by the researchers?

Here are 7 surprising facts about women who need to know.

  1. Women More Advanced Multitasking

It turned out that women are better at doing multiple activities at once than men. This is evidenced research from the University of Hertfordshire is reported by the Telegraph UK. Professor Keith Laws, a psychologist at the University of Hertfordshire to try to prove the truth of the premise that says that women are more reliable in multitasking than men.

Laws give a time of 8 minutes for 50 male students and 50 female students to perform three tasks at the same time, which is to solve simple math problems, finding restaurants on a map and sketching a strategy for searching for lost key in an imaginary field.

When they perform the tasks, the volunteers also received a phone call in which they will be given an additional general knowledge test while doing the three tasks given earlier. The result is the average of female students were able to get a high score in all tasks assigned. Male students receive an average score for the first two points and a low score for the task of finding the key strategic planning.

  1. Tastes Of Men Depends Ovulation Period

Women may have a bad reputation because of the ideal man criteria change often. But this fact can be explained biologically. Among the menstrual period, women are more attracted to men who are sensitive and tend to be shy. However, when the fertile and ovulating, women prefer masculine men with a deep voice that sounded sexy.

 The results obtained by Haselton and colleagues Kelly Gildersleeve after analyzing data from dozens of studies. This study shows that women experience changes in the reference and interest to men in times of ovulation. It may be already present in their instincts with the aim to produce offspring that can survive.

  1. Women Easier Worry

A study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests that women tend to be more easily confused, anxious and worried than men. Research conducted in 2010 to 2011 also explained that about 22% of women more anxious, confused and anxious about many things in life every day or every week.

As reported by My Health News Daily (15/03/2015), researchers recruited women and men aged between 18-64. Interestingly, only about 17% -18% of men aged 18-64 years, who experienced that kind of feeling. While women are higher at around 23%.

Live Science (2007) once wrote that there are several reasons why women are more likely to easily anxious, confused and worried. Among these are the women will always think of everything that is bad in the past will be repeated in the future, confused to decide something, did not dare to take a stand and risks and others. While men are more likely to use logic and tend to try to think optimistic and willing to take action or risk breaking through.

  1. Women Prone to Alzheimer’s Jealous

A recent study revealed that middle aged women who have irritable personality or simple jealousy more likely to experience Alzheimer’s disease compared with women who do not easily jealous. This result is known after the researchers observed 800 women for nearly 40 years. Swedish researchers found that women were more likely to feel anxious, jealous, envious, and moody higher likely to experience Alzheimer’s. This is because the types of women are usually stressed that much longer than the other women who do not have such properties.

  1. Smart Women Tend Fat

American researchers have found a relationship between the size of a woman’s body with their intelligence. They reveal that women who are obese tend to be more intelligent than women who are slim. These results were found after researchers from the University of Pittsburgh, USA, studying the intelligence of 16,000 women. They were asked to complete some tests to measure their brilliance in mathematics, chemistry, and physics. Afterwards the doctor to compare these results with the beat of their body weight and shape.

The researchers found that obese women tend to have higher intelligence quotient. At each stage of the test, obese women have higher scores than women who incorporated directly or thin.

  1. She hipped Longevity

A study showed that women who have a pear body types, namely a small waist to the buttocks and hips are big like Beyonce Knowles or Kate Winslet, has a longer life than women with apple body type that has a fat stomach area.

30 year old woman who has a waist circumference is much smaller than the circumference of the hips are known to live 9.5 years longer than women who accumulate fat in the abdomen or has a wide waistline. Researcher, Margaret Ashwell, explains that the cause is fat gathered in the stomach. Although hidden, but the fat in the abdomen can envelop the organs and produce hormones that can raise blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels. Finally, this increases the risk of serious diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.

  1. Sell Expensive Women More Attractive

Research conducted by D.M. Buss in 1988 and studies by Whitchurch, Wilson and Gilbert (2011) found evidence that women who play hard to be more attractive in the eyes of men. As reported by eHarmony, the study found evidence that women who have an attractive appearance and be hard to get a high value in the eyes of men.

In other words, for most men, play hard attitude shown women to make them look more interesting because it indicates that they are women ‘precious’, like many men, and therefore do not want to choose just any man.