How is the origin of ice skating to become a popular sport today?

Ice Skating on ice skating or sports are very popular today. From children to the elderly, everyone wants to enjoy the atmosphere and the beauty of walking on ice. Sports Ice skating is also a very pleasant agility art. Actually, ice skating world community has been known since 400 years ago, precisely in Finland. How this can be a fun sport popular among many people?
Ice skating itself is skating on ice that people wear skate shoes with sharp steel knife mounted on the bottom of the shoe. People can skate because of friction between the blade and the ice surface melts the ice to create a slippery coating. Skate word comes from the Old High German language, which means that Schake shin. This is evident because the first form of skate shoes made of leg bones of animals which have been perforated, and tied with a leather belt wear. These shoes are used for hunting in Finland and Scandinavian fjord since 17 centuries ago.
Then, the 14th century, the Dutch begin to wear skate shoes of wood with iron shoes base. A stick is held to be the tools while skating. In 1500, the Dutch began installing a thin blade skating shoes and sticks no longer needed. In 1848 E.V. Bushnell of Philadelphia, created a skating boots with steel clamps. Since that time, people can more freely circling and jumping during skating.
Around 1865, skating athletes from the United States, which introduced a blade skating Jackson Haines of the following metal plate soles and heels can be screwed onto the boots. Haines also added a front serrations or often called toe pick on the skating shoes.
The first ice skating rink in the world is Glaciarium in England. Arena was created using the ice maker. Glaciarium Arena officially opened January 7, 1876 by John Gamgee in a small building in Chelsea, London. At that time, people who use this arena is very limited that the nobles and gentlemen who meet certain requirements.
After that, in 1914, John E. Strauss a knife maker from St. Paul, Minnesota made a skating blade of the blade steel. With the invention of the steel blade Strauss, skating shoes more lightweight and strong. After that ice skating in the know a lot of people. Nowadays you can even buy them online through the ice skating store, many products of different kinds of brands offered in that store, such as Riedell, Jackson, Zuca and Guardog, they provide all kind of accessories, ice skating dresses and figure skating apparel, In figure skating store they give a super fast delivery and great customer services.
The continued development of the times, ice skating demands began to be developed in three different winter sports, such as including: Speed ​​Skating, Figure Skating and ice dancing. Ice-skating rink was also already global. Do not forget, before attempting to play the first or maybe you would often ice skating, you should do stretching movements and heating are useful to enhance the stability, flexibility and pliability in advance.
It can help you to increase your strength while playing and can prevent you from the risk of injury. Movement is warming up is the recommended before you are skating on ice. good luck