Knowing the 7 Type of Women

All women basically have the same emotions. The point is that every woman can feel the emotion that his name be interested, captivated and fall in love. 3 to re-enable the emotion is no way that can be for all women or there are general and specific way that requires us to know the types of female characters.

Before you know the types of female characters, it helps you determine first the type of woman you want as to what, do not let you choose the wrong type. Because it would bother later on with the problem of incompatibility. And to obtain loan funds also do the wrong choice, the right choice can you see in personal loans overnight.
Many men do not determine the choice of female characters they want. What they think is the origin of so beautiful! It is a mindset which is wrong because her beauty is not necessarily guarantee happiness in your relationship.

There are 7 things that make up the character types of women, namely:

  1. Social Programming

It is taught from families and environments that make up the personality of women are fundamental. Example: If the mother of a small woman to teach “Do not talk to strangers”, then it will become part of the thinking of the woman.

  1. Social Pressure

It is the fear of the woman of what other people will think about what the woman did. Example: If a woman is interested in you but the people in around say that you are not “good” for her, then she is likely to be away from you. Not because he is not interested in you, but because he was afraid in the “cap” ugly by those around him.

  1. Culture (culture)

 he who many a debate. Many cultures do not allow the woman to have men from other cultures. Culture also determine trends, tastes and specific classes. For example, Asians are more tightly than the Caucasians.

  1. Persona (ego)

Ego is sometimes contrary to the actual thing desirable woman. Ego can also be called prestige and a lot of women who perceived value to the really big! Example: the woman like and are interested in a man, but because of the prestige, the woman even so away.

  1. Physical Barrier or Preferences Senses

This is also an obstacle so many men. What is meant by the preferences of the five senses is the woman would like to look cute boy. And many men do not feel handsome become desperate. Though the problem handsome or not, it’s just a preference senses alone. Which ultimately did not affect much to make her feel attracted. Example: the women are attracted to a handsome man, but after getting to know the man, the woman even awkward because the man is a bore and can not give rise to shivers of love inside her. While many ordinary men capable of inflicting tremendous EMOTION in her.

  1. Logical Barrier

This is heavy enemy we should all leave if you want to deal with women. For a clearer explanation, we will talk specifically about the logic of a woman.

  1. Emotional Barrier

Yup, here’s the key. Emotion is an addictive substance that can make women crazy. Emotions like opiate that is very, very difficult to resist. We will review this further on. Notes on emotion, if you can master the emotions of a woman, the sixth of the above will have no effect anymore! The woman would be willing to do anything for “his love” for you.

Now, by knowing seven of the above, you are now able to analyze the type of woman you want. Seventh-it will make you see the barriers and obstacles when you are “struggling” to touch the emotions of a woman.