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Child Gammy And The Sexual Politics Of Mixed Race Asians

Take a stroll down the block and count how numerous Asian Female/White Male couples there are as opposed to AM/WF couples (this operates even far better if you’re in California or NYC by the way). I’ve done this world wide web factor long enough to know the quantity of sell outs” and coons” is just astronomically higher, specially amongst black guys, and in retaliation, some black women. When he asks out an Asian girl who categorically refuses to date Asian guys, she’ll reject him simply because he’s Asian and then he’ll come residence crying to his mom, only for her to inform him that she also hates Asian guys and would never date a single. You do not call white men pin dicks, which proves what a stupid hypocrite you are.

It really is due to the fact it really is an embarrassment when Asian women willfully overlook all the …